Leaders from Dongguan expressed their sincere solicitude for the staff of Lucky Harvest!


On the morning of Jan. 11st, Lai Shaoyu, vice secretary of Dongguan municipal government, Si Qi, Dongguan Human Resources and Social Security Bureau and other leaders from Dongguan came to visit LH and carry out a consolation activity. On behalf of the municipal government, they expressed heartfelt sympathy and thanks to all the staff of LUCKY.




Tina Xie, general manager of the company, accompanied the leaders from Dongguan to visit the company. They went to the production line to learn about the working conditions of the employees and care about their living needs.



Watching the video of company introduction



Visiting the exhibition hall




Visiting the workshop



Lai Shaoyu, vice secretary of Dongguan municipal government


While discussing, Lai extended best wishes and cordial greetings to the employees of the company on behalf of the municipal government. She stressed that the company' s continuous upward enterprising situation was inseparable from the efforts and hard work of the staff. And she hoped that everyone would continue to work hard and make greater progress in the latest year.



Ye Konxin, secretary of the Party Committee

Ye represented the Town Committee and government to express the best wishes for the new year to staff. The company manages with love, cares about the life of staff, improves the life and skills of employees, and promotes the development of the company. Chang' an will also continue to optimize the service environment, help solve various practical problems of the majority of staff, and create a suitable environment for employment and living. 



On behalf of the municipal government, Lai presented consolation gifts to staff representatives of LUCKY.



Wu Baian, vice director of Dongguan Human Resources and Social Security Bureau



Si Qi, director of Dongguan Human Resources and Social Security Bureau

The consolation group of the municipal government and the employee representatives exchanged views on the settlement of employees and the training and promotion of skilled personnel. The meeting solved the problems in the minds of staff, which was of great help to the employees of our company. The consolation group put forward a lot of policies to facilitate the people so that we have greater confidence to establish ourselves in Dongguan and make contribution to the company.


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