Action of assisting enterprises in Chang’an town in 2020


On the afternoon of Sept. 16th, sponsored by Chang' an Industrial Information Technology Bureau (Innovation Office), the third session of "Action of assisting enterprises in Chang' an town in 2020" was held by Dongguan Chang' an New and High-tech Industry Association (hereinafter referred to as "Association"), Greater Bay Area Enterprises Sharing College (hereinafter referred to as "Sharing College") and Asia-Pacific-European Union Business School (hereinafter referred to as AMG) in LUCKY. And representatives of 34 enterprises were invited to attend the meeting.

Representatives were led to visit LUCKY by Hou Yongsheng, manager of Administration Department in Human Resources Center. First of all, they were invited to watch promotional video of LUCKY in the foyer to comprehend major business, advanced technology, customers, and domestic production bases of LUCKY. Later, they visited product exhibition hall of LUCKY and various products were explained one by one to them. Finally, in order to deepen their understanding for products of LUCKY, representatives were led to visit production workshops.


Representatives made brief self-introduction to quickly close relationship between them, meanwhile, they also understand product information of their respective companies to realize resources sharing, achieve business connection and further promote healthy growth of the enterprises.


Tina Xie, vice president, general manager of LUCKY and executive vice president of Association made a mobilization speech. She expressed her heartfelt thanks to the government, the Association, the Sharing College, and AMG, also she extended a warm welcome to enterprises representatives. As the president of Chang' an Women Entrepreneurs Association, Tina Xie called on representatives present to support the upcoming Chang' an Women Entrepreneurs Association. Also, she shared history and vision of LUCKY. Finally, she wished all the representatives who are present to make their enterprises stronger and stronger.


Chen Shuairong, executive vice president of Chang' an Women Entrepreneurs Association, shared the experience of previous two seminars. She took herself as an example to show the practicability of the seminar and mobilized the representatives present to listen carefully. Finally, combined with the corporate culture of her company, nothing cannot be done, she wish all the representatives present to establish confidence and learn something.


Lin Huaqing, chairman of AMG, delivered a speech to express thanks for the services and venues provided by LUCKY on behalf of each organizers and welcome enterprises representatives. Then, he described the purpose of this action, to empower the benchmark enterprises in Chang' an, to find out the real needs of enterprises development through expert lectures and to assist enterprises to solve business problems.


Professor Gai Liefu, president of AMG, explained the theme of "Enterprise organization control and breakthrough". Quoting the wisdom of predecessors, he introduced three core of modern enterprise management: group, division and meaning. Also, he helped everyone understand what organization is, what division of labor is, what should be done to improve the level of enterprise management. Finally, the enterprise organizational structure was analyzed from the decision-making level, senior management level, middle and grass-roots level so as to help everyone understand the functions and responsibilities of each level.

Through this study and exchange, enterprises representatives have benefited a lot and deeply understand how to control the operation mechanism of the whole enterprises as a qualified enterprise manager. It is hoped that the majority of entrepreneurs will apply their knowledge and practice to enterprise management after returning to the enterprise, boost the development of enterprises to a higher level, and jointly contribute to the economic development of Dongguan City.



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