The unveiling and grand ceremony of Lucky Harvest "New era civilization practical point" was held!



On the morning of May 29, Xiangwa, vice president, also the general manager, Chen Zhenhai, Vice general manager and secretary of the Party branch, Luo Sifa, director of HR and the head of LUCKY "New era civilization practical point" and 9 Party member volunteers jointly unveiled LUCKY "New era civilization practical point".




Recently, the company organized the activity of "New era civilization practical point". Under the leadership of Chen and Luo, party members and activists of the company visited the former site of Dalingshan Anti-Japanese Base and Dongjiang Column Menorial Hall, reviewing the extraordinary historical years, seeing the cultural relics during the war, and listening to the anti-Japanese war stories of revolutionary ancestors. As a member of the Communist Party, it is supposed to play an exemplary and leading role. Everyone should not forget their original intention and forge ahead.


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