Work happily, live happily, well-being Lucky Harvest


Due to the severe external environment in 2019, in order to promote the business units or centers to strive to achieve the business objectives issued by the company, the company formulated a red and black flag PK scheme for business performance, and encouraged each business unit/ center to break through itself and strive for the company' s performance growth. The rapid development of the company is inseparable from the hard work of all the staff. The sheet metal business division has won the first place in the red and black flag PK of annual business performance in 2019.

In order to thank you for your hard work, set up a learning example, and achieve the goal of rewarding the advanced, encouraging the backward and making common progress. According to the PK rules of red and black banner of business performance, reward the three-day journey of "Lushan Xihai" for cadres above the management level of sheet metal business department.


They felt like minions when they knew they could go to travel.


Eat all the delicious food?

What are you wearing? What kind of shoes? What bag should take?

How happy it is!

Everybody can' t wait!


 At the moment, they arrived at the destination seemed like Maldives.




The largest domestic thousand island lake, Lushan Xihai




Hurst river natural desktop



Sea and sky are of one color.





Being away from the hustle and bustle of the world and trouble

Placing themselves between mountains and rivers

What a wonderful day! Thinking of the source of drinking water, we should be grateful for the platform built by LUCKY and the team that shares weal and woe and common aspiration. Also bitterness and fatigue brings today' s satisfied smile and happy tears!


The scenic spots are so beautiful that there are thousands of cultural customs. However, no matter how wonderful the trip was, life is the norm. It should be a mental and emotional refueling every time a trip is completed. To be continued to work hard, to strive for the future, life and better scenery are waiting for us!

It is hoped that everyone will not forget the original intention and unswervingly strive for the LUCKY dream of permanent Lucky Harvest, mega Lucky Harvest, well-being Lucky Harvest. Come on, LUCKY family!


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