Lucky Harvest: Attach great importance to R & D and innovation of molds technology


Lucky is specialized in R & D, production and sales of precision stamping dies and metal structural parts. Since the establishment, the company has attached great importance to R & D and innovation. At present, the company and its holding subsidiaries have obtained a number of patents, and the company will improve its technological research and development capability as the key to enhance its core competitiveness. Nowadays, LUCKY has set up high-efficient R & D design system, advocating to improve mold production technology from the perspective of R & D design, so as to reduce mold production costs and improve production efficiency and profit.

LUCKY adheres to the strategy of increasing market share with product technology content, invests continuously in technology, R & D and improves constantly the technical strength.


The advanced technology is the base improving the company' s technological innovation and product R & D capability. In recent years, the company has enhanced the technical level and strengthened hardware infrastructure foundation for product and technology research and development. 


In order to maintain the continuous innovation of the company' s process technology and improve and improve technical level, the company introduces the competition and incentive mechanism in R & D activities, encourages R & D personnel to carry out technical research, implements the incentive mechanism in the form of R & D and sales performance linkage, which ensures the continuous innovation of the company' s technology from the system.


The enterprises with advanced technology will gain more development advantages and enjoy more market and policy dividends. Some enterprises with development advantages will stand out and continue to participate in international competition to promote the healthy development of China' s mold export business.

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